Why use Gov2Go?

Easy to use

Gov2Go makes it easy to access the government services that are important to you — anytime, anywhere. Download and setup take just minutes: enter a few simple facts about yourself and you’re ready to go.

Makes government simpler

Gov2Go is your one-stop shop for interacting with agencies at all levels of government. Based on the details you share, Gov2Go builds a personalized timeline and schedules your government tasks for the year.

Gives you peace of mind

With Gov2Go, you can rest assured that all the important aspects of your interactions with government are being tracked for you. Car tags expiring? Property taxes due? Gov2Go sends you timely reminders so you’ll never miss a deadline.

Get Started

Download the app or use Gov2Go online.

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Personalized to You

Gov2Go learns about your needs and then carefully selects only those government services that are relevant to you. It tracks your government deadlines and lets you know when it’s time to do something.

Secure & Private

With Gov2Go, your data is secure. The information you provide is used only in the ways that you allow. You’re in complete control of what you share, which drives the services and information Gov2Go presents for your convenience, with the ability to add or remove information at any time.

Constantly Improving

Gov2Go is always bringing in more government services and adding new features that will make your life easier. If it’s something that’s relevant to your life, Gov2Go will suggest it to you.

A Name You Can Trust

Gov2Go is offered by NIC, the nation’s premier provider of digital government solutions. It’s built on a secure platform that’s been helping government agencies deliver online services for 25 years.